Cabinet photo by Charles Eisenmann, 1886. (Bogdan) "I am called the camel girl because my knees turn backward. I can walk best on my hands and feet as you see me in the picture. I have traveled considerbly in the show business for the past four years and now, this is 1886 and I intend to quit the show business and go to school and fit myself for another occupation." (Text from Ella Harper pitch card)

Ella Harper is frequently confused with Lucy Elvira Jones, and both are referred to as "Miss (or Mrs.) Violet". Martin Monestier, in his Human Oddities, says she was born in New Orleans in 1878, while Marc Hartzmann in American Sideshow lists her birthdate as 1873 and her hometown as Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Photo by Charles Eisenmann (Mitchell)