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Laloo Ramparsad was born in the state of Oudh (now Awadh), Northern India around 1873. His birthplace is usually given as Oovonin, but such a city does not seem to exist; one article states he was from "Oovon on the Oudh". In any event, Laloo was a "Mohammedan" (Muslim), but that didn't stop his exhibitors from billing him as a "Hindoo". He was first discovered by an Englishman, George Gill, and brought to England in 1888. Later he toured Germany, and came to the United States in 1891 aboard the steamship City of Berlin.

Laloo's parasitic twin was nearly a perfect miniature man attached to his chest, although it lacked a head. It was said that Laloo shared sensations with the parasite and could feel when it was touched. In addition, the twin had a well-developed penis and could urinate and get an erection - and often did so at inappropriate times. To prevent such an embarrassment, Laloo dressed his twin in its own tiny outfits, coordinated with Laloo's own finery. He referred to the twin as a "sister" in order to add a touch of the risque to his act. He showed with the Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey Circus and appeared at the Bradenburgh Museum in Philadelphia, where he met and married a Philadelphia native in 1894. In 1905 Laloo embarked on a tour with the Norris & Rowe Circus with the intent to tour Mexico, but the train crashed soon after leaving New York and Laloo died in the accident.