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Jean Libbera's parasitic twin was so well-developed that he gave it the name Jacques and the two were thus exhibited. The twin had two arms and two legs and felt sensations; it also had a vestigial head imbedded in Jean's body. Libbera died in 1934, at the age of 50.

Text from Life Story and Facts about Jean and Jacques Libbera, Joined Together Twins:

"There have been many great and curious creations of nature, presented to the public from time to time, but positively not one of them can equal either in interest or in remarkable Anatomical and Physiological peculiarities, the subject of this sketch.

"Of all the many millions of people inhabiting the earth the counterpart of Jean Libbera can not be found.

"Jean Libbera was born in the year 1884 in the city of Rome, Italy.

"The father, mother, brothers and sisters with one exception, are ordinary appearing people, nothing unusual in their personal appearance or physical characteristics.

"Like most Italian families, there are many children in the family, thirteen altogether. Jean is the fourth child; strange to say the third child was the same as Jean, but died immediately after its birth.

"Libbera is happily married and the father of four children, perfectly normal in every respect.

"In Jean Libbera we are confronted with the unparalleled spectacle of a handsome, normal young man, out of whose body there grows a second body diminutive in size, but perfect so far is it goes; arms, hands, fingers, even down to the nails upon the fingers, hips, thighs, shins, feet, toes and nails upon the toes. The circulation of the blood comes from the normal body and that same body furnishes the nourishment for the two bodies. The second body is as well developed as the normal body, but for its size it possesses a strong bone structure.

"The feelings of both bodies are the same, and the various changes of the weather and temperature; also the touching of one body is immediately felt by the other.

"As to the cause of this most wonderful birth there can be no doubt that it was originally intended to be double birth or twins, but owing to some incident or influence an amalgamation was made and so the mother supplied the world by present to it 'not one child and not two children, but more than one, yet not two'.

"The scientific explanation is the fusion of two living germs in the one ovum.

"Jean Libbera has been examined by the leading Medical and surgical Experts of both Europe and American. In Paris, Professer Ponier presented him to the Surgical Society and he was pronounced to be the greated anomaly of nature ever known.

"In Cologne, Prof. Berdenheimer made a very thorough and complete examination, using the X-ray, and in his report he declares there is imbedded in the normal body a formation that resembles a rudimentary head; this he claims has a circumference of about 15 centimeters.

"Recently Prof. Van Dayse of the University of Gand, Belgium, has given to this phenomena the term of EPIGASTRIC PARASITE."