From left: Ann Cucksey, Dottie Williams, Marcella Brower,
Patty Maloney, Dolly Kramer, Paul Dale (?), Eddy Adams,
Frank Cucksey, Carl "Kayo" Erickson

From left: Eddy Adams, Dolly Kramer, unknown, Harry Klima,
Marcella Brower, Carl "Kayo" Erickson

Henry Kramer began managing midgets around 1920 and married an aspiring little performer named Henny Fischer. Thinking her name sounded too much like Henry, Mrs. Kramer changed it to Dolly. Kramer made his petite wife emcee and bandleader of his show. Kramer's troupe was one of numerous midget vaudeville ensembles swept up by MGM's casting department for The Wizard of Oz, and all were credited as "Singer's Midgets" despite the fact that many of them never worked for Leo Singer. After the success of Oz, Kramer added the word "Hollywood" to his troupe's billing and they joined Bob Hermine's and Nate Eagle's Midgets in Three Wise Fools in 1946.

Photos: Printed postcards ca. 1960 by Globe Card Co., Indiana. Author's collection.